Øredev 2012

I’m sitting on the train on my way to Malmö and Øredev 2012. This will be my second time attending and as an interesting exercise (for me at least!) I’m going to evaluate the impact of last year’s conference on my programming life. I absolutely loved the experience but did it have a lasting effect?

JavaScript Everywhere

The first theme from last year’s Øredev that inspired me was Javascript/Node together with TDD. I’m pretty comfortable with C# and TDD even with horrible legacy code but TDDing JavaScript (especially for websites) is another kettle of fish. After Christian Johansen’s excellent session where he wrote an autocomplete plugin for jQuery with TDD, I had to buy his book and start practising myself. I’m still a total beginner but starting to improve and am already seeing the benefits. I’ve also been digging into Node and watching James Shore’s screencast series on Node and JavaScript. At work there is more and more JavaScript so I’m definitely going to keep at it and improve my JavaScript skills further.

Dan North

Dan North’s keynote and session were the two sessions that affected me the most. I think I went to Øredev last year expecting to be deluged in a wave of new technical stuff and hadn’t thought too much about the non-technical sessions. These two sessions emphasised how much I have left to learn before I can consider myself to be a really good programmer. I might be getting good in a few technical areas but it’s only a drop in the ocean of what is left to learn. The longer I work in this branch the more I notice how often the technical stuff is not the stumbling block, it’s the people stuff. Dan’s keynote reminded me of how easy it is to avoid the uncertainty of human communication and lose yourself in the more black-and-white domain of programming problems, often to the detriment of the project. The Agile Manifesto is as relevant today as when it was written and Dan made sure I won’t forget that.

The Rest

I went to loads of interesting sessions last year that I haven’t followed up and the primary reason for that is lack of time. But it was still worthwhile to have a deeper look at subjects like CoffeeScript, async in C#, agile testing practises, DDD and REST. I learnt a bit more about them and that is valuable in itself.

Expectations for 2012

So Øredev 2011 did change my programming life and I’m wondering if it is possible that I’ll be blown away again this year. There are some really interesting themes this year like refactoring (Brian Foote and Katrina Owen), NoSQL and Agile so I’m looking forward to those. Who knows what will influence me the most this time!

Last year I was too occupied with just being there to spend much energy meeting people so I’m hoping that I’ll be better at that this year. If anyone is interested in talking about Open Source in .NET or refactoring legacy code or TDD (or anything really) then please don’t hesitate to approach me.

I’m also looking forward to meeting former colleagues and people I follow on Twitter. And there might be a beer or two partaken as well. Me and the other Daniel got invited to a meatball dinner by another colleague, Magnus, from Active Solution who happens to live in Malmö, so that should be great too!

Looking forward to three exciting days!

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