Git for Windows tip: How to copy and paste into Bash

Per default the only way to copy and paste into the Git Bash is to click on the git icon in the top left corner and select Edit->Mark/Copy/Paste. This is actually not a property of Git Bash. It is just how the Windows console runner works i.e. the standard command prompt.

There are two solutions to be able to copy/paste with the keyboard and directly with the mouse. The first is to use a different console, see Scott Hanselman’s post on Console2. I haven’t tried this yet so let me know in the comments if you use Console2 and can recommend it.

The other solution is to enable QuickEdit Mode under Options->Edit Options in the properties for the console. To open the Properties dialog, click the Git icon in the top left corner of the console and choose Properties in the menu.


Now you can select text with the mouse and right click to copy. Pasting is done by either right clicking with the mouse or pressing the Insert key. Still more awkward than using Ctrl-C and Crtl-V so maybe it is time to check out Console2.

About Daniel Lee

Irishman living and working in Sweden. DotNet developer/consultant at Active Solution.
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3 Responses to Git for Windows tip: How to copy and paste into Bash

  1. Saif Uddin says:

    thanks .. short and quick

  2. Daniel Lee says:

    I went over to Console2 a long time ago. I would never go back to the standard Windows command prompt. I highly recommend using Console2 or ConEMU.

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